Caruso's Coffee


ALFANAR is a Saudi company registered under commercial registration No. 2055006428. We had opened our first branch as ALFANAR CAFE in Juail Industrial City on 12-Dece-2001 and started serving cold and hot beverages with international standard machines & equipments and ravishing environment. This was our Take-in shop, serving coffee in original and with a variety of falvoured coffee with a distinctive taste. We believe that we have touched the new horizons of Coffee taste with a proof that in a 15 years time period, we are serving our valuable customers on more than 25 branches in Jubail and its surroundings. We thank Allah The Almighty for this success. We also are grateful to our valuable customers for their trust on us which apparently helped us to enhance our business in Jubail Industrial City. We always look forward to grab our valuable customers satisfaction with our wider strategic planning in coming years, either on a individual, corporate, local, zonal, regional or global level.